Here is what we do to help your business grow!

  • Presentation packages—business cards, letterhead, brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Marketing communications plans
  • Media buying plans including radio, television and internet
  • Display ad creation and scheduling
  • Direct mail and e mail campaigns
  • Press releases & feature articles
  • Networking strategies
  • Seminar planning
  • Trade show participation

We work to give your business a distinct, niche identity-what makes you different from your competition?

We target your best business prospects and plan how to reach them effectively—who is your best customer and why?

We build long lasting client/customer relationships—what do we need to do to keep your customers loyal?

We write your press releases to raise awareness of your product/services and set you up as an expert in your field.

We design your brochures to tell your business story clearly, showing the buyer the benefits and attracting new clients.

We produce seminars, special events and direct mail campaigns to cement relationships with existing clients and to attract new buyers.

We problem solve and work within your budget to provide you with the best public relations.

You benefit from our personal service, our strict attention to detail, our excellent community/media contacts, our affordability, flexibility and creativity!

Our vastly varied list of satisfied clients include accounting firms, attorneys, dentists, home remodelers, retailers, non-profits, day care centers, fund raisers, educational consultants, computer specialists, health & fitness facilities, travel agencies, investment banks, interior designers, court reporters, medical analysts, management consultants, social workers and insurance agencies.


includes logo development, business cards & letterhead layout and printing


Includes writing, revisions, layout and printing

Prices depend upon revisions, intricacies and colors of the design and the number of pieces to be printed.


*If we also execute the plan, the fee will be an hourly rate