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“Giveaways” are an excellent method of promoting your business and staying visible to the public — those who buy your product or services. Here are some of the things you can do.

  1. Give out promotional products with your business name, phone/email imprinted on it. The items to pick from in catalogues, in every price range, are endless! It’s fun distributing the items; that in and of itself gives you a point of contact with a potential buyer. And everyone enjoys getting a free gift, no matter how “useful.” I can put you in touch with dealers of promotional products.
  2. Volunteer your time. I feel very strongly that doing volunteer work is a terrific win-win situation for a business owner. Not only are you doing “good works,” you are also working with a group of people who are able to see your skills — your ability to organize, follow through, get the job done successfully, your manner of working with fellow volunteers, your passion and compassion. These fellow volunteers may well be in a position to hire you and be even more so inclined to do so after working with you as a volunteer.
  3. Supply door prizes for luncheons, fundraising events, charity runs, golf outings. If you are a service business, try giving away a business book related to what you do or a gift certificate for your services in a limited time frame.
  4. Sponsor teams or events. Your company name on the shirts of dozens of children playing soccer or basketball can’t miss getting your business in front of many people — you become a household word! Having your business name on a sign at a golf outing or on 50 golf carts isn’t bad advertising either.
  5. Sponsor your own event. Organize a seminar or workshop on a topic of interest to your target market and invite them free of charge or for a nominal fee. Set up a purely networking event and see if you can get some other complimentary sponsors to be a part of it. Partnering with others creates a stronger event by creating more credibility and attracting a larger audience.
  6. Provide valuable information to your target market in the form of a newsletter, postcard, email communication. Communicate periodically with your database/mailing list to keep your name fresh in their minds and to provide valuable information which may get them thinking about why and how they need your services. This section of my website is my way of providing you with that type of valuable information.

Finally, get yourself and your business “out there” and give your time, your expertise, your products. The return on this type of investment will be great!


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